$929.00 AUD


  • Comes with three innovative functions, lumbar support in the form of tracking, body auto-adaptation, and sedentary reminder. After entering height, weight, and other information in Mi Home app, the ALSFS system will automatically determine the characteristics of our body type and no matter where and how we are sitting, smart lumbar support will automatically track our body
  • Can also monitor and remind us of our sedentary state and initiate a massage to help us relax when we are tired.
  • Unlike ordinary office chairs, even those with a “perfect” design require the user to adapt to the chair, and even sitting with the correct posture will cause back pain. after sitting for a long time. It can automatically rotate to our back no matter what position we are in, eliminating the space between the back and the back of the chair so it can be supported for long periods of time. At the same time, monitoring and informing a sedentary lifestyle, in addition, back massage is performed regularly for us to relax
  • Integrates several sensors to automatically adjust it to different sitting positions. In all cases, the front and rear distances of the lumbar support can be adjusted manually using the buttons.
  • Chair pressure sensor can distinguish our state, if we are already seated it will automatically start the smart tracking mode and it will switch to a standby state when you leave the chair. So it’s very simple to use and you don’t have to worry about accidentally leaving it.

Product Details

Dimensions: 1080-1180*490*520mm