$169.00 AUD


  • RF care and protect tighten skin and fade lines: RF multi-level energy is concentrated and transferred into the depth of the skin to reduce fine lines, and light treatment deeply penetrates the skin to brighten and tenderize skin.
  • EMS micro current technology: stimulates skin activity, improves skin elasticity, and tightens the contour. Upgraded ring contact introducer cares skin of large area and is more convenient and timesaving in skin care.
  • 4 scientific skin care programs: can be applicable for professional skin care and also burning fat all over the body to create an elegant S curve.
  • Multiple intensities: 3 color lights and 3 intensities available
  • Small size: Rechargeable and handheld for easy carry and storage
  • Suitable for: multiple skin conditions and different body part

Product details

Rated power: 7.4W
Rated voltage: DC 9V
Frequency: 2700KHz
Met weight: 205g
Charging: USB cable