$29.00 AUD


  • 340 meters of material: it provides great variety and fun. 
  • Used in 3D pens: This pack can be used for all types of 3D printing and is excellent for detailed and demanding applications. It works with most well-known 3D pens.
  • Quality: Non-toxic and bio-degradable, smooth and glossy finish, creates no bubbles 

Product Details

Printing temperature: 195-230°C 
Density: 1.25+-0.05g/cm3 
Melt index: 5-7g/10min 
Tensile strength: stronger or equal to 60Mpa 
Bending strength: stronger or equal to 60Mpa 
Elongation at break: longer than or equal to 3% 
Net weight: 1kg  
Diameter: 1.75mm+-0.02mm 
Platform temperature: 0-60°C