$98.00 AUD


  • Fast solution for beginners: 0 bases can also restore easily. Automatically obtains the disrupted state of the Rubik Cube and provides about 30 steps of quick restoration guidance, intelligent action monitoring and immediate prompting for mistakes, so everyone can play the Rubik Cube 
  • Advancement: Intelligent big data scientific help speed up. Super Cube not only has excellent performance, but also is your intelligent coach, automatically recording core data such as time, steps and speed, providing big data analysis of solutions, helping you to find weak points, train in a more targeted way, and improve the restoration speed with scientific methods. 
  • Online competition: connect global players to start a battle at any time. With the same global service and real-time pairing, you can compete with Rubik Cube players from more than 170 countries and regions online! 
  • Improve and Track Progress The APP tracks and records your actions in real time and keeps complete statistics about the solution time and steps.You can clearly review the flow of each operation and find problems and loopholes. More targeted training optimization with a scientific approach to improve performance.. Innovative hardware and software interaction mode With the new upgraded sensing system, the APP allows mobile devices and the cube to achieve real time interaction. The sensing system accurately captures every step of the cube's rotation, and the built in central control module identifies the state of the six sides in real time and synchronizes the state of the cube in APP in time to meet all your needs for the cube. 


Product Details

Colour: black 
Wireless connection : Bluetooth 4.0 
Battery : 3.7v lithium battery 
Charging interface : Micro USB 
Charging time : 1 hour 
Life time : 30 hours 
Support system : Android 4.4 or above / iOS 8.0 or above