$26.00 AUD


  • Strong Magnetic and 3 in 1 Design: The magnetic charging cable has strong magnetism, enough to bear the weight of a smartphone, to avoid the device from falling and causing you losses. The magnetic charging cable come with Micro-USB, Type-C, and iOS to meet your everyday charging needs!
  • 360° Rotation & 180°L Shape Combination: 180°L Shape & 360° rotation combination magnetic head design makes it easier to charge.
  • Fast Charging and Data Transfer: Magnetic charging cable supports fast charging and data transfer. Upgraded magnetic charging cable has 3 contact points to ensure fast charge.
  • One-Hand Operation: The magnetic cable allows you to operate the charging wire with one hand for on / off charging. Inserting the magnetic tip at the charging interface of the phone can prevent dust from sticking, and reducing abrasion during inserting or pulling out the cable, prolonging the life of your device.


Product Details

Colour: Black
Compatible with: Micro, iOS & Type-c