$592.00 AUD


  • 5G wifi high-definition image transmission: can take pictures/videos 
  • Strong wind resistance: more safe
  • Headless mode: no direction limitation, flying more freely and extensively, all in control together;
  • GPS + optical flow dual mode" GPS intelligent positioning and returning, better preventing the aircraft from being lost;
  • Intelligent follow: To record every joy and sweat, to make flying more interesting;
  • Fly around at a fixed point: according to the set center point and distance, let everything around follow you and surround you;
  • Waypoint trajectory flight: set your favorite trajectory, touch the scenery you want to have, and make flying more satisfying and simple.

Product Details

Battery:11.1V 2800mAh 
Battery life: 26 mins
Remote Control Distance: About 5000m

Resolution: 4K
Gimbal: 3-Axis Self-stabilization Gimbal
Positioning System: GPS + Optical Flow Positioning
Expand Size: 23.5x28.5x7cm
Folded Size: 19x10.5x7cm