$12.99 AUD


  • Easy, quick to locate: Can't find your lost items? Just press the button and follow the beeps! locating any items like keys, wallet, TV remote control, keychain, glasses,dog collars or other things that are easy lost through the provided keyrings.
  • Compatability: Can connect to iPhone, and also connect to all Android phones! So even if you change your phone and connect again, it can keep reminding you.
  • Two-way search: (after the anti-lost device is bound to the mobile phone APP, you can use the phone to find the anti-lost device, and it can The anti-lost device looks for the phone)
  • Separation reminder: When your anti-lost device is out of the working range, the phone will make a sound to remind you of the remaining items

Product Details

Weight: 7g
Size: 38*38*7mm
Compatability: iOS, Android
Bluetooth: BT 5.0
Standby time: 6 months
Work range: 15m