$86.00 AUD


  • Fun DIY Splicing: It is a cool product. It can splice into various shapes is helpful for divergent thinking. It is interesting and convenient for splicing, which is helpful to the development of children's creative thinking.
  • LED Touch Light: Central sensitive tactile for product to turn on or off the light and adjust the light colors.
  • Extensive use: Hex lights can be LED wall Lights, book lamps, night lights, table lights, game room decor, sensory room wall decorations Lights, etc. It's also a special present.
  • Customize Your RGB Wall Pattern: DIY your hexagon led lights layout and then adding RGB colors is the most interesting thing. Create personalized lighting that reflects your style or any shape or art you want to express. Upgrade any space with your unique lighting, and add custom RGB color palettes to make any rooms feel brand new. Exclusive technology that enables intelligent color animations based on your panel layout and seamlessly flowing rainbow-like effects across your entire design 

Product Details

Size: 103*90.3mm
Effective Lumens: 22LM
Voltage: ≤36V
Material: PC
Battery Life: 10000 hrs