$97.00 AUD


  • Smart auto-tracking: A phone holder with an AI camera that can automatically track people's faces and movements, supports horizontal and vertical tracking modes to keep all the lenses pointed at you, freeing your hands and making your video chat or live streaming easier. The phone holder can recognize many people, but currently, it only tracks the closest person to it or the person who moves first. 
  • 360-degree rotation: No need to set the phone mount at a special angle beforehand. 360-degree automatic rotation, tracking and shooting real-time objects, it will automatically rotate as you move, more flexible than a fixed mount, you can easily adjust the perspective. It is recommended to use this product alone, tracking takes time to react and is not suitable for fast movement. 
  • No App Required: The built-in auto-tracking camera system itself requires no additional complex operations such as downloading apps or connecting to Bluetooth. No need to worry about OS support issues and smartphone CPU consumption. 
  • Built-in rechargeable battery: This auto-tracking phone holder has a built-in 2200mAh rechargeable battery. The red charging indicator light is on when charging is complete, and the red charging indicator light goes off when charging is complete. 
  • Extensive compatibility: With a standard 1/4" thread, any device using a 1/4" thread is compatible with this device. 

Product Details

Height: 19.7cm/7.7inch
Diameter: 5.2cm/2inch
Holder Size: 10cm/3.93inch
Weight: 220g
Rotation Angle: 360°
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Battery life: 6-8hours
Rotation Speed: 42°/Sec.
charging port: Type-c
Rated Power: 5V/1A
Viewing Angle: 105°